Tomorrow is the day my career officially takes a new path.  Starting tomorrow I am no longer an Art Educator, but I’m an Assistant Principal for the Duval County Public Schools.

I am hoping that by taking on this new role, I will have the desire to be creative again as an artist. I never thought being an Art Teacher would zap my desire to paint, but it has. The past couple of years painting has seemed like a chore. I look forward to the days when painting becomes a way to escape the madness of the real world.

 This blog will take on some new changes as well. From time to time I will not only post the traditional art related posts, but posts about education as well. I am new to administration and as I learn new and exciting things I will post them to this blog.

 I would be interested in hearing from people who have made the jump from teaching the arts to a role in administration. What were some of your challenges and how did you overcome them?

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About Anthony Sznakowski

Anthony Sznakowski is an artist and educator in Jacksonville Florida.

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  1. You’re going to do well in your new position TS, and I think that not teaching art daily will give your creative activities a good jolt. When I moved out of arts education I had to spend a lot of time learning a new skill set for my new position. It was a challenge which energized my creative endeavours, perhaps because I had been teaching the same thing for the better part of ten years, and had fallen into routine. Change is always good for creativity. Now that I’ve adjusted to my new normal, I find my motivation to create is greater and there’s more focus on the doing since I’m not around art all the time anymore (although I’m a MOCA a bit this summer- which is very refreshing). Good luck tomorrow and enjoy the newness.

  2. Thank you Jonathan. I guess you were in a similar situation when you made the jump from art teacher to classroom teacher. It is refreshing to hear how the change sparked your creativity. Enjoy the summer and good luck next year.

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