Motivation to Paint

I am embarrassed to admit it, but I have not created any Art since June. I started a new career path in July as an Assistant Principal in a local elementary school. I told myself that when I took this new job I would not lose track of who I really am, an artist and an art teacher.

I have been busy staying involved as an Arts advocate. I have continued to fulfill my duties as President of the Duval Art Teachers Association and attended the Florida Education Association Conference in October. I am remaining an advocate for the Arts regardless of my job title. I think as an administrator it is even more important for me to advocate for the arts. I am proud to say that I am on the Community Advisory Team for the Kennedy Center’s Any Given Child program here in Jacksonville.

The problem is that I have been neglecting myself. I didn’t realize how much until this week. Earlier this week I received a phone call from a friend I haven’t spoken to in a long time. During out conversation he said, “Dude you really need to start painting, you’re too talented not to.” Although I sometimes question my talent level, I do agree that I need to paint. Then today, while walking around CORK with my family, one of the artists gave me a little pep talk. He basically said, “Stuff will always get in the way of painting.” I know exactly what he was saying. I can always find a reason not to paint. I need to just need to make time.

After getting home today I felt motivated. I started painting on a canvas that I originally started for my son, Jarrod, nearly a year ago. He is an Owl lover. I worked on the painting for nearly two hours until my fatherly duties called me away. I’m glad I did. I know it is early for resolutions, but here are mine.

Draw every day- Yes I know this seems easy, but not necessarily when drawing at work can be frowned upon.
Paint every weekend- I will paint at least two hours every weekend.

So I’m curious… how do you make time to be an artist when you are busy with family and work? Please feel free to share.

Beginning stages of an Owl Painting for my son Jarrod

Beginning stages of an Owl Painting for my son Jarrod

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About Anthony Sznakowski

Anthony Sznakowski is an artist and educator in Jacksonville Florida.

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  1. Your words ring true Tony. Our roles as parents, husbands and career men fill up the day with activity which compete for our attention. Sometimes my mind gets in the mode of, “once I get A, B and C done then I’ll spend some printing, surfing, playing music or whatever.” But there’s always a D, E and F and I’ll never get to a point where everything is done. I make it a point to do something which makes me who I am everyday. Sometimes I get an hour or two, sometimes 15 minutes; sometimes it’s working on a big piece, sometimes it’s cutting twenty pieces of paper on which to print. The activity builds momentum and habit, and is self-perpetuating. Currently in to reduction printing- making a series of prints based on the marshes close to our house. The meduim is easy to set up and clean and the process one of my favorites. Cheers to your resolutions- you are a talented man and putting paint to canvas is time well spent.

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